left : a

    right : d

    jump: space

    fire grapple: e

    escape: rebind above controls

     restart: p

    reinstate lost speed : o

    Change level: hit 1 or 2 or 3

out of curiosity (and only if you want to), please write your best time as a comment.

StatusIn development
AuthorKyle Kissler
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, High-contrast


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Level two time 12.5- feat Ittai Mann

Level 2, 14.98

Performed live at SGDA Summit

Swing under the starting platform, take the escalator, drop down, loop around the upper right block then loop around the lower right block, dive to the bottom, take the middle forcefield, swing under the upper left, take the upper left forcefield to the bottom, get the last block, and done.

Fun game.

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First attempt (lvl 2), might try again later :P

     found a glitch :p 

Ok that I can fix, I don't know how you did it but I can make sure I do a more thorough job of pausing the game. Thanks for letting me know. Also lmao sub 6 is possible.

Oh and I think I know how you did it. Did you use a controller to give input while the game paused on spawn/respawn? If you managed to give input to whatever unity reads as its default horizontal axis then that could still move you while nothing else that required a button press could in that semi frozen state. Also because gravity was turned off, you could just float sideways until you hit max air speed and start the game like that.

i just held the right arrow key before i pressed the restart button, had me moving but the time didn't start till a made another action.


wooooow ok

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12.05 !!!

...10.66 !!!!


played for a few more minutes

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12.96 is my time to beat!

EDIT: 9.83!